Co-create Y/our Future

Co-create Y/our Future

Relationships, Career, Money, Parenting, Wellness

About interstory

interstory is a global community of adults committed to conscious living and ongoing self development.

Most of us work, many of us are parents and all of us care about our health, relationships and finances. 

We are all totally different and in many ways we are all the same. What unites us are a few common beliefs:

  • Everyone of us has an important role to play in making our homes, communities and world a better place. 

  • There is more to life than the daily grind.

  • We are more powerful and empowered when we come together to support one another.

  • Good things happen when we self reflect and engage in regular open and honest dialogue. 

  • All positive change requires commitment, practice and accountability.

Why join?

Is there a part of your life where you need support, inspiration or guidance? 

Maybe it’s money, family, work-life balance or health. Maybe you are seeking community, connection or perspective.

interstory is a safe, friendly online community of tribes that invites you to start innovating your life through collaborative dialogue and simple practices that you can easily do from your home or at work. 

What's on offer?

Our main community is free. Join and start connecting right now. We value your contributions and participation. Thanks for checking us out. 

We also offer paid Communities (semi-private groups) within our community focused on important topics like self care, money, relationships, parenting, career and more. 

Communities are run by leaders that are passionate about their topic and supporting you with resources, advice, exercises and practices. 

We are adding more Communities as fast as we can! Stay tuned! 

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