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Entrepreneurs and working professionals

You are the author of your story and the artist of your life! This community is for people who want straight-up life coaching. We focus on work stuff, personal stuff and everything in-between.

Dream it.

Do it.

Be it.


This community is for entrepreneurs and working professionals that want straight-up life coaching. We will focus on the big things that you want to create or change in your life and the small opportunities and challenges that come along the way. All of us work. Most of us have kids. Many of us consider ourselves to be “busy” a lot. Despite the constant demands of daily life, we all want to live full, rich lives in alignment with our talents, hopes and dreams. We have a bias towards reflection and action. Come with the intention to cultivate positive change in your life. Join us to take your next step.

How does Next Step work?

A message from your coach, Anna Kristina

Hi. I am excited to meet you! 👋

I am a coach, entrepreneur, wife, mother of three, lover of yoga, wonderer and wanderer. 👩

I developed this space because I wanted to create a community online where entrepreneurs and working professionals could come from around the world to discuss and work on the things that matter most in life.

Bring your hopes, dreams, challenges and aspirations. The community will be here to listen, ask you powerful questions, share relevant experiences, champion you and hold you accountable to making change. ♻️

A few things about me:

  • Training: My coaching reflects my training, which has come from the Coaches Training Institute, Columbia Business School, Columbia Teachers College, movement practices like yoga and 5Rhythms, 20 years of teaching and 10 years of being an entrepreneur.
  • Geography: I’ve lived, worked and run businesses in North America, Asia and the Middle East.
  • Energy: My energy is action-oriented, curious and optimistic.
  • I get a high from: Exploring far-off places without an itinerary in place, phone off, eyes open.
  • My way of relaxing: Listening to podcasts, eating takeout while watching nature shows with my husband and kids, being alone and outside when the sun is coming up.
  • What I am excited by: Making high-quality coaching and support groups affordable and impactful… hence the creation of Next Step Coaching and interstory as a whole.

Enough about me… I want to know about you!

When we work together, you can get coached on anything. Here are the topics that we see a lot in coaching:

  • Work-life balance
  • Self-care, health and wellness  
  • Finding purpose and meaning  
  • Managing stress
  • Building an amazing company and/or career
  • Living from a place of love instead of fear  
  • Relationships, relationships, relationships!  
  • Creating an abundant mindset and business  
  • Living your best life  

If you want to live your life with intention, action and a solid dose of humor along the way, this is the community for you.

What do you want to create in your life? I dare you to #TakeTheNextStep!

❤️ heart,

Anna Kristina

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